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Favic-o-matic - Make your website shine on every browser and device

The idea of favicon evolved, it happened long ago.

It was just a little .ico file, a few browser displayed it alongside with the url of the website.

Just like many colleagues, i always used online tools to generate that little 16x16px bastard and the HTML code needed to make it work on every browser (FYI, IE used to have a slightly different syntax… aww… )

Well, in 2014 you can say that the word “favicon” (favorite icon) has grown in meaning, including Apple and Android touch icons, IE pinned site icons, Google TV icons, Metro tile icons and many, many more.

Don’t need to be a pro web developer to understand that those old fashioned web services are not enough anymore. Sadly.

Giovanni Caturano (CEO at Spinvector) is a good guy.

If you are asking what does Giovanni (a guy who deals with augmented reality, holograms, immersive environments, videogames and who is busy making the future happens today) have to do with favicons, you have a point. Just don’t ask me.

Giovanni was looking for an universal and modern tool to generate, in a few clicks, the whole package needed: every image and every line of HTML code.

And he thought that maybe a lot more people needed it.

Said and done. Favic-o-matic was born like that.

Our newborn web service allows you to upload your image, choose what you need, and get everything you needed in 2 ore 3 clicks.

For those who likes Chrome apps (i love them!) you can download favic-o-matic from Crome Web Store too!

It supports (at the moment):

Multiple .ico file
- 16×16 px (The interweb standard for (almost) every browser)
- 24×24 px (IE9 Pinned site browser UI)
- 32×32 px (New tab page in IE, taskbar button in Win 7+, Safari Reading List sidebar)
- 64×64 px (Windows site icon, Safari Reading List sidebar in HiDPI/Retina)

.png files
- 48×48 px (Windows site icons)
- 57×57 px (Standard iOS home screen (iPod Touch, iPhone first generation to 3G))
- 60×60 px (iPhone touch icon (non-retina – iOS7))
- 72×72 px (iPad touch icon (non-retina – iOS6 or prior))
- 76×76 px (iPad touch icon (non-retina – iOS7))
- 96×96 px (GoogleTV icon)
- 114×114 px (iPhone retina touch icon (iOS6 or prior))
- 120×120 px (iPhone retina touch icon (iOS7))
- 144x144px (IE10 Metro tile for pinned site & iPad retina (iOS6 or prior))
- 152×152 px (iPad retina touch icon (iOS7))
- 196×196 px (Android Chrome (M31+))